Brand New Attitude

Christmas time is a prefect excuse to start writing pesonal blog which is also a part of my period grade at uni. General blog topic is; lifestyle, so I’m able to mix a lot of themes up as fashion, beauty, health, desing, and put together some random things, hopefully who will look in on once would like to back later:) I have to update this blog at least 2 times per week so if anyone  have some nice ideas you are  welcome to inbox me.

P.s. Don’t mind my poor english it will goes better and better. 

Let’s start! Are you all ready? It’s Christmas period and this year I miss all the atmosphere, there is no snow and Idon’t even have a Christmas tree in my house. The only thing which is reminding me of Christmas Eve is buying  and wrapping presents but this year I already have everything done!

ohh nearly forgot about my cute gang of Santa Clauses

 homemade gingerbreads

             homemade gingerbreads 

what do you think about Christmast nail arts? I’m definitely into!