1st day

Hello sunshines;) How have you been? Today is the very first day when I’m about to start one of my New Year’s resolutions.

Eat breakfasts.  

Well, I know that might sound a bit ridiculous to some people but I am one of those who ‘forgot’ to eat sometimes. And actually I never feel hungry in the mornings but so far I heard that breakfast its the most important meal of the day so I will try to eat it every day. Today I bought some berries, granola and no fat yogurt, put them together and voila!

Looks tasty ennit? 😀

ohh and it is also 1st day of my workout, well I usually end up after 3-4 days so I’m not too excited but I will let you know how its going anyway, but since I found out  picture below I’m not worried about my weight haha 😀

my blog hits more than 1000-views thaaanks xxx 


be good to one another !x