Read! Read!

There is no friend as loyal as a book.”
  —  Ernest Hemingway

 brygidaglowacka: Carlos Ruiz Zafón – born Barcelona, 25 September 1964- is a Spanish novelist who has lived in Los Angeles since 1993, where he spent a few years writing scripts whilst developing his career as a writer.

C.R. Zafon right after P. Coelho is my favorite writer. Why? Hard to say, but I think that the Spanish and Latin America writers are having something magical in their imagination and it is so fantastic that they can create something special and different in their books.
I already read 4 from 7 his books and I have all of them in my privete library .
His bibliography is classified in two categories, but all f them are kinds of horrors or thrillers.


Young Adult:

  •   The Prince of Mist
  •   The Midnight Palace
  •   The Watcher in the Shadows
  •   Marina



  •   The Shadow of the Wind
  •   The Angel’s Game
  •   The Prisoner of Heaven

Personally, I think that doesnt matter how old are you… books are magical, full of mystery and secrets,  and if you want to discover new world and get to know new places like incredible Barcelona, for sure all of this you will find in that books, or if you want to experience an adventure of your life just take one of his book to your hand, find a calm, quiet place and dip in…
For me the best are The Shadow of the Wind and The Angel’s Game but I honestly can’t wait to read that 3 more for which I still don’t have a time…