a girl for all seasons


How are you? I just come back home, made a coffee and sit down to update my blog as I won’t have time for this in next couple of days!

I do love to wear leggings or shorts and it’s a shame that I wear skirts only on some occasions or parties. Skirts always look girly and pretty, but personally I don’t feel comfy with it. Here you’ve got some pictures from Easter Holiday when I’ve been wearing pleated ankle skirt. What do you think? I like the way it looks but as soon as  I come back home I’ve  changed  for leggings. As all outfit look quite dark I add golden jewellery and pale pink platforms.

excuse my addiction to rings, I usually wear more than 1

Some of my new purchases;


new look



new look

river island

keep calm

after pink its time for blue!

be good to one another xx