Happy girl

Hi, hope you all are  good there!

I had another wonderful day today and I will remember this date as I got something that mean a lot to me (I will speak about it soon).

Now it’s time to pack my luggage and head to France! Looks like June this year is going to be really enjoyable, as later,  at the end of the month I’m going to another trip,  Poland- this time. Such a happy girl I am. 🙂

I have never worn this skirt before,I just  couldn’t find nothing to match it with, but then I find this white top with long fringes and I think it looks good.

Have a look on a picture below. What’s wrong with my finger there?? haha

I decided to write list of 10 things I said I would never wear that I have worn now. It’s going to be surprising how I change my taste of style.

Number 1) wreath

Never thought I might find  attractive to wear a floral wreath but now I’ve completely changed my mind and I think I’m going to wear it quite often. Looks pretty cool with loose hair.

You will find more numbers in following posts.

How do you feel yourself about live in peace with nature? Do you do recycling? I have mentioned about chemical-free cosmetics that I use here and now it’s time  to have a little lecture about  plastics wrapping/bags. Watch the funny video below where Ken dumbs Barbie, find out why he has done it and read a bit about that problem.  If you never thought about it earlier you might change your mind now.


Heard the news? Ken has dumped Barbie! It’s true, and not because the plastic princess has been spotted in the company of certain premier league footballers. No, it’s much more serious than that. Get this: Barbie is destroying Indonesia’s forests for those pretty pink boxes she likes to wrap herself in. You can’t blame Ken. As you can see in the video above, he’s just seen the results of the latest Greenpeace investigation which shows how Barbie is threatening the future of endangered species and the stability of our climate. The paper used in Barbie boxes – like palm oil which we’ve campaigned about in the past – comes straight from the rainforests of Indonesia, home to rapidly vanishing creatures such as orang-utans, and Sumatran tigers and elephants.

Will this particular toy story have a happy ending? That’s up to you !

Take care and be good to one another xxx