Cosmic leggins

Say hi to my new leggins!!


Actually, you can say bye bye as well, as I will never ever wear them again. I was happy when I found these leggins and saw the price (£3!) obviously because of the price I didn’t try them on and today when I decided to wear them I found out that they are too small. Or am I too big?? Well, how much I like these garment and I love the way it matches with jeans shirt, I’m more than sure I’ll never wear them again because after 30minutes of walking I felt like the leggins were about to fall off.  Here you’ve got some pictures (more than usual) of my casual look today.






earrings borrowed from my sister

I’ve been walking a lot today so I wear  the world’s most comfortable shoes!

My sister’s bag

oi I forgot to tell you that I’ve seen Karl Lagerfeld today.

be good to one another xx