wedding outfits

Hi, how are you doing?
Today’s post is about my 2  outfits I was wearing at my friends wedding in Poland last month.  ( I don’t have many photos but I’ve tried to collect enough to make a proper update).

day 1:

Instead of classic small black I choose to wear ‘small pink’ dress and paint my lips pink as well. To break this sweet look I add green platforms

.  Accesories:  heart shaped bag+golden jewellery and golden nails.

I’m sorry for crap background, these are the only pictures I’ve got with this outfit.

undefined 😀

day 2:

More casual and comfy look. Lace light pink blouse, yellow mullet skirt ( you’ve seen before in this post). Pink hair ends and match pink sandals.

I’m going to have my camera back tomorrow and I’ve got one of my favourite outfit to shoot and share with you in next couple of days 🙂