Hi blog,

finally today I was able to make some proper pictures of my outfit (camera back+sunny weather πŸ™‚ ). What a lovely day!


Got something you want to hide in your handbag? Then, the latest trend in handbags may not be for you. The trend has been inspired by the rise of plastic accessories being designated high fashion. Plastic shoes and plastic sunglasses reflected this trend last year.

So, how do you wear the transparent bags?

It used to be worn only for a day at the beach or as a stylish poolside accessory. Now you can literally wear it whenever/wherever you going. Load the transparent bag with simple things such as your wallet, sunglasses and keys. If you want some discretion, put your essentials in a small clutch and place the clutch inside a transparent tote.


Below you’ve an example how I wear my transparent bag with floral design clutch inside.


transparent bag- Troll / trousers- New Look / Shirt- New Look / bracelet, ring – New Look



be good to one another xx