just a couple of posts ago Ive said that I’m not going to wear ‘ moro’ pattern as I know, in this season, many people would go for it.
Yeah, whatever… so here I am wearing typical, military jacket, the one that you can find in almost every shop atm.

I match it with girly, lace top and my super original bag that I found in Paris.

20120905-022433 PM.jpg

20120905-022447 PM.jpg

20120905-022457 PM.jpg

20120905-022505 PM.jpg

20120905-022511 PM.jpg

20120905-022518 PM.jpg

20120905-022526 PM.jpg

20120905-022533 PM.jpg

20120905-022539 PM.jpg

20120905-022553 PM.jpg

20120905-022546 PM.jpg

20120905-022610 PM.jpg

20120905-022622 PM.jpg

20120905-022648 PM.jpg

20120905-022641 PM.jpg

20120905-022631 PM.jpg

wedges-select/ skirt- no name/ lace top- next/ jacket- car boot / bag- vintage shop in Paris/ sunglasses- River Island

20120905-023033 PM.jpg