College girl

Hello blog,

September is here so it’s time to go back to school/college, whatever you attend.
I didnt start my university yet but I went to english lessons at Stafford College yesterday.

Below you can see how I looked.
For the very first time I wore skirt with lace socks.
In my opinion it’s not easy to fix an outfit with socks and skirt ( it is easy to make your legs look way shorter though).

I hope you like the way I match it.

You can also have a look at my new platform shoes that I’m wearing now all the time ( finally I took off my biker boots, uff… 🙂 )

To me, they are the most comfortable and stylish shoes for this autumn.

20120912-114652 AM.jpg

20120912-114706 AM.jpg

20120912-114712 AM.jpg

20120912-114749 AM.jpg

20120912-114759 AM.jpg

20120912-114813 AM.jpg

20120912-114820 AM.jpg

20120912-114856 AM.jpg

20120912-114909 AM.jpg

20120912-114918 AM.jpg

20120912-114924 AM.jpg