Wedge Sneakers

I’m so confused about these shoes. When I first saw French designer Isabel Marant’s “sneakers”—which have a concealed 3-inch wedge heel built into them—I was mystified. It seemed like the worst of both worlds: you get the sloppy look of a sneaker and the discomfort of a high heel. Whaaat?

Don’t get me wrong—I’m a fan of both sneakers and dangerously high heels, but doesn’t combining them cancel out the inherent value of each? It seems to me that there’s a distinct time for sneakers and for heels, but under what circumstances do you say, “Oh, my secret-heel sneakers will be just the thing!”?

However, I was clearly missing something, because when I was in Paris this summer, they were everywhere.

Shop windows boasted pairs in fun colors, and I saw them on the feet of many a stylish girl traipsing through the Marais.

I wasn’t really conviced about them but when I try them on I completely change my mind. They were pretty comfortable. Perhaps not as comfortable as real sneakers, but certainly more cushy than the majority of heels in my closet.

More then sure you can walk long distances and still don’t hurt your feet.


You can have a look on my two recent outfits with my pair of wedge sneakers.

and something for more sunny days;)


be good to one another xx