Oh my God, the days are just getting colder and colder.

Today’ morning when I open the curtains all I had in my mind was just to pull covers back on my head  and stay all day in bed.   How could I ever say I love autumn?

  Anyway I had to manage to go out and do my things.  I wore my new,  fake fur jacket from Mango  but I guess I have to add extra sweater under  or at least wear some hat next time as I’ve been freezing my butt off all morning.

old khaki trousers with studds? I bought them ages ago inside H&M   (you never know when some trend could come back) / jacket- Mango / my old belowed shoes from River Island (they look so dirty and wreck already but I simply cannot stop wearing them as they are sooo comfy ) / shades- River Island / earrings – Claire’s