My wardrobe sale bargains !

Actually I knew it’s going to take me a while, that’s why I never could’t be bothered to sort my wardrobe out and choose few clothes for sale. Till today! And also, I always though that I shouldn’t give away any clothes in case I would like to wear them one day.. Yeah not happening.

I took my time in the morning ( and half afternoon) to take a pictures and create adverts with my clothes for sale.

I don’t know what happened but I can’t list all my adverts yet ( need to wait 48hours, what a bullshit!) anyway as soon as I find out Im going to add a link here. All my clothes are added on / buy / browse by category / Clothing and Jewellery.


I decided to post my clothes on ebay as well and then I found out that you can sell only 10 items per month.  Okay then, so that’s the 1st part 🙂

Just click ‘ Ebay Pam’ and you will be directed to my auctions.