Emilio Pucci was born in 1914 in Naples, Italy.

Pucci in his workshop

You may already know his name – -and his bright psychedelic prints – but you might be surprised about how he got into fashion.  Don’t ignore destiny.

Born Marquis di Barsento, he was a wealthy aristocrat and diplopat with a Ph.D. in Social Sciences, the ideal bachelor ( straight ) – and yes, this is what he was enjoying being. He was an Italian stallion. As well as the girls, he had a penchant for skiing and competed in the 1934 Winter Olympics. Being a style-conscious Romeo he insisted that he design the outfits, and indeed so stylish was the look that an apres-ski shot of a girlfriend wearing his jacket ended up in Harper’s Bazaar. He had only lent her his as she was getting chily. What a gentelman. Emilio Pucci then became the first person in his family to work for over a thousand years. How modern. Soon his brightly coloured swirls and sportswear had taken off, and an empire was created. When he opened a store in Capri in 1949 his capri pants took the world by storm.

Mr Pucci died in 1992 and his son took over the business, but died in a car accident in 2000. Later that year his daughter sold the company to LVMH, and Julio E spada was given the design reins. Christian Lacroix became the design director in 2002 and most recently British designer Matthew Williamson took on the boho brand and debuted his designs on the Milan runway for Pucci in February 2006. Leave the house in big prints and bold colours to celebrate innovation today.


Pucci 2012

typical Pucci prints: