How to Winter Clean a Wardrobe?

  1. Remove every item from your closets, section by section. Remember you’re going to clean the wardrobe, not just shuffle the items, so create two piles-one to keep, one to donate to charity ( if you’re sure you won’t wear something again)
  2. Keep classic pieces that you wear all year long like white t-shirts, timeless shirts and skirts, cardigans or your favorite jeans. Evaluate trendy seasonal items to determine if their time has passed. Consider ways to make use of pieces before you reject them, however. Even outdated prints can be eye-catching when layered under solid, classic jackets, for example.
  3. Pick up all winter sweaters, scarves and boots from boxes or back of your closet. Ensure you’ve cleaned and neatly folded the clothes are so they’re ready to wear.
  4. Consider the remaining items when you winter clean a wardrobe. If you haven’t worn something in several months, donate it. If a dress or pair of pants no longer fit properly, have them altered or get rid of them. Avoid keeping items “just because” or simply because they’re cute. If you won’t wear them, they don’t belong in your closet.
  5. Check the accessories, too, when you clean a wardrobe. Organize scarves, belts, hats and gloves, for example, to remove damaged or outdated pieces.

Sneak peek of my wardrobe cleaning:




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I’m off to finish my cleaning 🙂 Have a good evening ♥