How to manage yourself


  • Be tough yet fair; you will probably be your harshest critic.

  • Aim to perfection. Anything less, hit the drawing board again.

  • Learn from those at the top and always be gracious to those below you. You never know who you’ll bump into on your way up or on your way down.

  • Keep a diary – whether it is on your phone, Blackberry, in your Filofax, blog or calendar, you have to have one. This is not an option. This is for your appointments, deadlines, schedules and getting all task organized. This is for professional purposes – not the narrative type in which you dissect hot dates and discuss all the gory details; this is the one to be left on your desk, to help with the planning ( and OK for others to see). This is the agenda bible, your way of preventing or preparing for a meltdown or heart attack.


  • Watch your time keeping. A relatively new pharse but a very old problem. There is never enough time so at least use what you’ve got wisely. Less bitching and more pitching. Focus and fast-track your future on milionaire’s row, or your own desert island.

  • Tick things off. To-do list not only help you prioritize, they help you see all that you’ve archieved.

  • Organize. Keep it all together and it will keep you together rather than cause you to tear your hair out ( which will be a waste of all the thousands spent on highlights and haircuts).  A Post-in Note in time will prevent the need to turn the entire office upside down hunting for a phone number, document, earring. ( If in doubt try the fridge, the photocopier, the bin.)

  • Do not disturb. Put the phone on voicemal, on silent, out of sight if you are on a deadline: Distract Me Not. Focus. You can always call them back.

  • Use time wisely. There’s no point wasting good lipgloss on a meeting you don’t need to be at. 🙂