generally for all girls because today’s post is about cosmetics;) We like them, don’t we? Personally my fav shop for all kinds of body lotions, creams and shower gels is The Body Shop.… Continue reading


Hey, I will make another longer post with all my shoes collection but because I’ve got some left in my parents house I need to pick them up first. river island slippers, I… Continue reading

Good Morning

morning today, I hopped up out the bed, turned my swag on Took a look in the mirror said wassup   Have a good day everybody & be good to one another xx 


  Don’t worry about me,I get what I desire it’s my empire   –this is my moment I just feel so alive  Have a nice day!

My excuse is that I’m young

I’m not sure about those over knee socks but the weather was so good today and I was in a mood to try something different. My excuse is that I’m young, and I’m… Continue reading

1st day

Hello sunshines;) How have you been? Today is the very first day when I’m about to start one of my New Year’s resolutions. Eat breakfasts.   Well, I know that might sound a… Continue reading

bling 2012

Welcome in 2012. My new year’s research make me think that this year will be ground-breaking. Why? There is so many things to know, so many place to visit and people to meet.… Continue reading

and from my girls

Aww and my girls wish you Happy New Year as well!!!!

Happy New Year

Have a very good New Year! and remember ; always be good to one another!!! ps. my blog hits 500 views so far, i cannot believe!! thanks xx 

bucket list

Hey how have you been? Did you all have a nice Xmas? I hope you did. My was awesome as always when I’m spending time with my family! We had a nice evening… Continue reading