Be Beautiful!

While beauty is almost as subjective as love, it’s something that you can explore and discover in yourself over time. No matter what stage you’ve achieved in life, you can always redefine and… Continue reading


hat-River Island / fake fur-Mango / dress- Next / shoes- Dorothy Perkins be good to one another xx♥


Pictures from instagram, where I try to update daily. Follow me: pamkka my favourite piece of jewellery; rings cod oil with my little vintage jar cosy evening with white wine on my wall;… Continue reading

2nd of January

Today is the ideal date to put your dreams in action! New Year, New Resolutions, New Diary, New You. If moving from the sofa is difficult, if not impossible, especially after New Year… Continue reading


Hey, how have you been? My blog died a little recently and it’s because I’ve been kind of busy and ill so last thing I had on my mind was to post anything… Continue reading


Good Morning! Today is my blog’ 1st anniversary! Aww how nice feeling that is! When I start it last year I never knew that I’m going to enjoy it much as I do… Continue reading

Pretty Little Things III

Recent pictures from my phone. be good to one another xx  

How to manage yourself

Be tough yet fair; you will probably be your harshest critic. Aim to perfection. Anything less, hit the drawing board again. Learn from those at the top and always be gracious to those… Continue reading


How to Winter Clean a Wardrobe? Remove every item from your closets, section by section. Remember you’re going to clean the wardrobe, not just shuffle the items, so create two piles-one to keep,… Continue reading

Make up

Todays post is all about  cosmetics that I’m using everyday. There is a lot of more but I guess it would be boring and pointless to describe eyeshadows, every single lipstick or lipgloss… Continue reading